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Numismatic Services

Since 1988, our founder & President, Craig Franco has bought and sold many of the world’s rarest coins and has been called upon by some of the world's most prestigious organizations to render numismatic expert opinion regarding authenticity, condition and value.

At UGSD we are proud to offer the following numismatic services:

  1. Individual Coin Evaluation
  2. Investment Portfolio Evaluation
  3. Collection Evaluation
  4. Portfolio Design and Execution
  5. Liquidation Services including Auction Representation


"Coin collecting as a hobby affords more pleasure and greater interest than any other collectible object. It opens a wide field of study. It develops a taste for art and stimulates research in nearly every branch of learning.

It teaches us history and geography, and while a very fascinating and instructive pastime, it has also been the source of much profit, as no one knows better than those who have collected coins in the past, that coin collections increase in value from year to year, thus providing an excellent investment.

Coins are often the only historical records that we have of nations which have long since passed away, and which would have been buried in oblivion but for the coins that bear the names of kings and records and events relating to the countries whose money they once were."

B. Max Mehl

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